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The 25km walk forms a figure of eight looped walk via Townley Hall Woods on the way out to Mellifont Abbey, through Tullyallen Village,
down King William’s Glen via Belnumber Wood, across the beautiful Boyne at the Obelisk and back into Drogheda via Oldbridge along the
Boyneside Trail and ramparts. 

Boyne Valley Camino Guide
Boyne Valley Camino MapBoyne Valley Camino Map
Boyne Valley Camino Shell SymbolBoyne Valley Camino Waymarker Icon


Traditional yellow Camino scallop shells and arrows are used to mark this route. These will be displayed with blue backgrounds, the shell denoting you’re on the Camino and the arrow showing the direction.  These may be wall mounted plaques (in the town); on National Road Authority-standard posts at the side of the roads / paths /boardwalks / along roads, or on wooden Coillte standard posts / finger posts in woods.  
They will be at a maximum of 500m apart and should be evident at each junction.

Boyne Valley Camino Waymarker Townley Hall
Boyne Valley Camino Waymarker Townley Hall
Boyne Valley Camino Waymarker Townley Hall


Boyne Valley Camino Mellifont Abbey Stamp


St. Peter’s Church – West Street, Drogheda 
The Marcy Hotel – West Street, Drogheda 
Hurley’s Delicatessen – Narrow West Street, Drogheda 
Mellifont Abbey – OPW office during season (May–Sept) 
Boyne Valley Camino Oldbridge Stamp

WAY Back/SLÍ Abhaile 

Centra Lynch’s Supermarket – Main Street, Tullyallen 
Morning Star Pub –
Main Street, Tullyallen 
Oldbridge House –
Oldbridge, Co. Meath 
Tourist Office – Tholsel, Drogheda 
Clarke’s Bar –
Peter Street, Drogheda 
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Please ensure your personal safety while enjoying this Camino. Let someone know where you are going, bring a charged phone, go in company, go in good light, wear hi-viz. Some parts of the trail are shared with vehicles and cyclists so please adhere to the rules of the road. Some areas may be mucky so wear sturdy boots, bring clothes layers, sunscreen and waterproofs for any weather eventuality. Bring a snack and drink. Leave no trace.


 Way OUT /
Slí Amach c.12km 

St. Peter's R.C. Church
GPS: 53.715017, –6.352781
Boyne Valley Camino St. Peters Church Drogheda
Start at St Peter’s RC Church, West St, Drogheda. With church facing you, go left, walk past the The Marcy Hotel. Walk 200m to a crossroad with the R132. 
Boyne Valley Camino St.Peter's Church Stamp

Don't forget your stamps!!!

These can be picked up at locations highlighted in yellow!

Bridge of Peace & Mell
Go through the crossroad at Bridge of Peace and walk 150m on the R168 Trinity St. towards Slane. Go left down Horse Lane to the river. 
Go right and follow the riverside path for 800m until it brings you back to the R168 at Mell. 
Boyne Valley Camino River Boyne
Go left onto the R168 and walk 400m to a 3-way junction near Aldi. 
Take the R168 for Collon/Slane (stay on the main road) and walk 700m. Just beyond the recycling centre, go left onto a lane after a stone house (bullaun stone outside the house). 
Boyne Valley Camino Bullaun Stone
Walk 700m to the end of the lane and go right. 
Mary McAleese Boyne Cable Bridge
Walk 200m and go under the M1 motorway via the underpass. Continue for 1km to the busy N51 Slane Road.

Cross the N51 carefully and walk to the old road parallel to it. 
Boyne Valley Camino Route
Go left onto the old road, passing a well on your right, walk downhill 400m to the end of the road and cross safely to the Obelisk car park at Townley Hall Woods. 
Townley Hall Woods


Signage posts are placed along the route indicating the route from Drogheda to Mellifont Abbey – outward and homeward. The shell denotes you’re on the Camino.

Review Coillte trailhead board in car park. Enter woods through stone piers. Continue along this main trail, ignoring left trails to get to open grassy area with some seating. 
Boyne Valley Camino Route
Leave this open area through stone piers, take right fork trail for the Boyne Camino, follow this trail which has a natural ditch to the left and a field to the right. Trail naturally veers to the right, keeping field to the right, then wall appears to the right. 
Trail pops out to join old forestry road, very tall conifers ahead, bear left and follow signs up road, passing a turning circle on right. At junction take right fork that runs up forest road to lodge on Townley Hall Road (L5604). 
Leave Townley Hall at main gate to right of Lodge, turn left immediately and walk on road verge for approx 800m. Take local road on right to high point at Ardagh. House with paddock style fence on right as enter this road. 
lynch's cross
Follow road for 600m uphill to a sharp right hand bend. This is the highest point on the Boyne Valley Camino with great views. Follow road for another 800m to a T-junction (Lynch’s Cross). 
Go left at the T-Junction and stay on this road for 1.2km to a crossroad. 
mellifont abbey
 GPS: 53.742861, –6.465604 
Go left and walk 300m along a cul-de-sac to Old Mellifont Abbey. 
Boyne Valley Camino Mellifont Abbey

WAY BACK/SLí Abhaile c.13km 

mellifont abbey
 GPS: 53.742861, –6.465604 
Leaving Mellifont Abbey, return to the crossroad. Go right and retrace your steps for 1.2km to Lynch’s Cross. Continue straight ahead on this road for a further 1.6km to a T-Junction opposite Tullyallen School and football field. 
Boyne Valley Camino Mellifont Stamp

Don't forget your stamps!!!

These can be picked up at locations highlighted in yellow!

tullyallen village
Go right and walk 100m to a crossroad. Go left here to Tullyallen Village. Continue through the village as far as the supermarket where you can get a stamp on your passport. 
Return from the supermarket in the direction of the school. You can get a stamp at the Morning Star Pub or Aggie's coffee truck. Take the turn to the left, opposite the Morning Star Pub (Chapel Lane), signposted for the church and follow this road past the church. (Our Lady of the Assumption). 
Morning Star Pub
Go around the back of the church (site of Williamite Camp before Battle of the Boyne) and follow this road back to the village opposite the pub. (There is a well on your right at this T-Junction.) 
Go left here opposite the Morning Star Pub pub and walk back to the crossroad after Tullyallen school. 
King William’s Glen & belnumber woods
Go left at the crossroad and approx. 200m downhill you can access Belnumber Wood (King William’s Glen) via a timber gate on your right. Follow this meandering path through the wood for 1.3km. At bottom of steps take left and follow this path to leave woods. 

Belnumber Woods Boyne Valley Camino Route
the obelisk bridge
Carefully cross the N51 in the direction of Oldbridge House, crossing the Obelisk metal bridge. Follow road over bridge veering left along the Boyne Canal, then right across humpback bridge. 
Obelisk Bridge Boyne Valley Camino Route
After crossing the humpback canal bridge, you can access the start of the Boyneside Trail to Drogheda on your left. 
oldbridge house & the boyneside trail
The entrance to Oldbridge House (1750) is on your right. You can detour off our walk to enjoy Oldbridge House which houses the Battle of the Boyne Interpretive Centre, café, gardens and magnificent grounds. Managed by the OPW. 
Boyne Valley Camino Route
Boyne Valley Camino Route
Follow the Boyneside Trail for 1.6km under the Mary McAleese Bridge. This floating boardwalk leads onto the ramparts path along the Boyne. This riverside path leads to Drogheda after 2.3km.

In Drogheda, follow the path under the roadway bridge (Bridge of Peace) and continue until you reach a pedestrian St Dominic's Bridge. (Sculpture – ‘The Wanderer’). 
drogheda (end)
 GPS: 53.715017, –6.352781 
Cross St Dominic’s Bridge (Dominican church on other side) and continue straight ahead uphill. At the top of Dominic Street, go right and this will bring you back to St Peter’s Church. 
Drogheda City Boyne Valley Camino Route